Cam Shaft

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A radial or in-line translating knife-edge follower dwells for 0o    60o
, rises to L = 25
mm with a harmonic motion for the cam angles from  = 60o
to 180o
, again dwells for the
next 180o    240o
and finally returns with a cycloidal motion for the next 240o   
. Take the base circle radius for the cam as rb = 30 mm. Assume that the cam is
rotating CW with a constant angular velocity of  = 20 rad/s.
a) Write the mathematical expressions for the velocity (v), acceleration (a) and jerk (j)
of the follower as functions of L, ,  and  .
b) Based on the expressions derived in part (a), plot the displacement (s), velocity (v),
acceleration (a), and jerk (j) diagrams of the follower against the cam angle  for the
full cycle.
c) Then accurately draw the cam profile with a 1:1 scale. Make a displacement table of
cam angle  vs follower displacement s for every cam angle of  = 1o
to have an
accurate cam profile.
You can use computer programs such as Excel, Matlab, Solidworks and Working Model
2D, whichever suitable to you. You can check the internet for help, animations and so on.

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