Models of Social Control

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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Question: What are the synoptical, panoptical, and multioptical modes of social control? Illustrate your answer with examples of each type.

Insturctions for the essay

1.The essay must answer the question explicitly
2.It must have academic contents related to the question
3.Research must be indepth and relevant to the question
4.Theories related to the question must be critically analysed and presented from an academic point of view
5.Everything regarding the essay must be from the criminological/sociological field of study
6.The lecture slides and academic literature files uploaded, as well as the recommended reading list, must be used alongside other relevant academic literature of your choice to answer the question.


You should use these recommended books and articles for your essay


Authors: Tilley, Nick.

Title: Handbook of crime prevention and community safety

Year: 2005

Publisher Cullompton : Willan


Authors: Hughes, Gordon, 1952-McLaughlin, Eugene, 1959-Muncie, John.Open University.

Title: Crime prevention and community safety : new directions

Year: 2002.

Publisher London : SAGE


Authors: Gilling, Daniel

Title: Crime prevention : theory, policy and politics.

1st Edition

Publisher London : UCL Press, Year 1997.


Authors: Tilley, Nick.

Title: Crime prevention

Year 2008

Publisher Cullompton : Willan


Authors: Evans, Karen.

Title: Crime prevention : a critical introduction

Year 2011

Publisher Los Angeles, [Calf.] ; London : SAGE,


Authors: Crawford, Adam.

Title: Crime prevention and community safety : politics, policies and practices

Edition 1

Publisher London : Longman, Year 1998.


Authors: Jones, Trevor, 1950-Newburn, Tim, 1959-Policy Studies Institute.

Title: Private security and public policing

Year 1998.

PublisherOxford : Clarendon Press,


Authors: Wright, Alan.

Title: Policing : an introduction to concepts and practice /

Year 2002.

Publisher Cullompton : Willan,


Authors Reiner, Robert, 1946

Title The politics of the police / Year 2010.

Publisher Oxford : Oxford University Press,

Authors: Newburn, Tim.Neyroud, Peter.

Title: Dictionary of policing / Year 2007.

Publisher Cullompton : Willan,


Authors: Wakefield, Alison.

Title: Selling security : the private policing of public space

Year 2003.

Publisher Cullompton : Willan,


Authors: Manning, Peter K.

Title: Police work : the social organization of policing

Year c1997.

Publisher Prospect Heights, Ill. : Waveland Press,


Authors: Button, Mark.

Title: Private policing

Year 2002.

Publisher Cullompton : Willan,


Title: Democratic policing in a changing world.

Publisher Boulder : Paradigm Publishers, Year 2011.


Authors: Newburn, Tim.

Title Policing : key readings

Year 2005.

Publisher Cullompton : Willan,


Authors: Newburn, Tim.

Title: Handbook of policing

Edition 2

Publisher Cullompton : Willan, Year 2008.


Authors: Reiner, Robert, 1946

Title: The politics of the police

Edition 4 Publisher Oxford : Oxford University Press, Year 2010.


Authors: Rowe, Michael,

Title: Introduction to policing

2ND Edition

Publisher Los Angeles : SAGE Year 2014




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