NURS 6551 Week 8 Quiz: Primary Care of Women

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Question 1

Optimal weight gain during pregnancy is based on the woman’s prepregnant BMI and:
• Question 2

What is more likely to occur in women with female genital cutting?
• Question 3

What is important to consider when vaginal bleeding occurs during the first trimester?
• Question 4

What is a possible cause of abdominal pain during pregnancy?
• Question 5

Carbohydrate intolerance and increased insulin resistance first recognized in pregnancy is known as:
• Question 6

What is the leading cause of first-trimester maternal death?
• Question 7

The majority of early pregnancy losses are due to:
• Question 8

Approximately how many reproductive-age women in the United States meet the BMI criteria for obesity?
• Question 9

What is the most common cause of medical complications in pregnancy?
• Question 10

What is significant about cytomegalovirus (CMV)?

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